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* Terms and conditions apply to all bonuses.

"MONEY ATTRACTS MONEY": the popular saying notwithstanding, it's true that the more credit you have in your Scratch2Cash balance, the more chances you have of being a winner, especially of being a BIG winner!
If your credit card is rejected (because of "restrictions" imposed by your bank), use the secure services provided by CLICK2PAY or NETELLER.

If you want to deposit money on your account, begin by contacting the site operator via the "Chat" button: in this way, you'll have the right to a bonus of 20-30-40% (or even more) as a complement to your deposit (for example: you deposit 100 and you play with 170!!!). Don't hesitate to negotiate!!! And start again as many times as you like...

It's very easy, and very often the case, to win 20 or 50 times your bet. Scratch2Cash is the fairest, the most profitable and the best-paying of all online game sites – and most assuredly the most fun...
Begin by playing "small." Build up a kitty and then raise your bets!
Luck is under no one's control, but (fortunately) the statistics are there!
Play "sequences" (a large number of cards for the same game, in "AUTOMATIC" mode); there is an even greater probability of winning!
If, after a certain time, you play cards at €20/bet, you can very easily win €1,000 (without even mentioning the "Jackpot"...)! €200,000!!!

Don't be overly cautious; play your winnings again, even if they are paltry, to win even more!

Use these "tips and tricks" wisely and discover the rest on your own!

Enjoy yourself... it's your turn to win!!!

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